Well, I’m back in Canada and despite the fact that broccoli costs $95 per bunch, it’s great to be performing for canuckleheads again. I’ve got an extensive cross-country tour kicking off this week at the Cape Breton Comedy Festival. There are links to tickets here for The Two Headed-Monster Comedy Tour with my best pal Nick Beaton. Shows across The Maritimes and Ontario are listed, with more Central and Western Canadian shows coming in the winter and spring. Canada is my personal subway pole and I don’t just dab my tongue here and there – I lick the whoooooole thing.

There’s also new Hunter Collins merch available for order here. New fuchsia and blue T-shirts, perfect for gender reveal parties, I guess, if announcing your baby’s gender via T-shirt smut is your speed.

Look as cool as this guy ignoring the Hindenburg disaster!
If a Norwegian troll can pull it off, so can you!

And since we’re talking new shows and new merch, for good measure, here’s a dose of nu metal!