1. It’s been three weeks since my Hunter Collins Replica Rubber Mouth w/Head arrived in the mail with discrete packing (what the wife doesn’t know can’t hurt her) and my balls have never been more empty.
    Having to go back to the jobsite during the Pandemic has been stressful, but knowing that when I get home, I can lock the door to my study and fill Hunter’s face with a hard day’s load makes it bearable.
    One of my favorite parts about it, is that as long as I keep my proclivities to strictly Rubber, it’s not even gay!

    I can’t recommend this product enough.

    Thanks Hunter.


  2. I don’t even care that it’s sold out. I’ve got a pretty good imagination, and with the picture of the mask alone, I’m able to “milk the ol’sausage” if you know what I mean! (Ejaculate while staring at the holes in the masks face)